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Saturday, April 17, 1999

I walked 4 miles in my new boots and wore them most of the day and they felt fine. I'm happy. I'm going to walk to work and back in them this week and make sure, then I'll be ready to hike.

My back still hurt but I went ahead and got out anyway and it did loosen up. That really is what I need to do but I always worry that it'll spasm. I leaned over this morning to adjust my bra and it was like a knife was stuck in my back. Ok, ok, enough about my back. I just find it so frustrating to not know what brings it on and what is the best way to deal with it.

I took a bunch of books back to Bookmans and got some good credit. I have never figured out why they take some books and not others. I know they don't like books that have the spines split, which I'm bad at as I like a book to lie flat. Some books are just too old or shabby or they have too many of them. But it's often a guessing game as I can take the same book back in a few days and sometimes they will take it then.

I cooked up a chicken. I just wash it good and dump it in some water and, usually some wine, onions, salt and pepper and let it simmer for a couple hours. When you try to pick it up and it comes away from the bones, it's done. I let it cool enough to handle and take the bones out and I have delicious chicken to eat plain or put in things. Strain the broth and put in a tall pitcher in the refrig. When it cools, take the fat off the top and you have some great broth to cook with. So versatile.

I've also got a pot roast in the crock pot that I'll slice thing and use for many days. The broth makes a great gravy when you've taken the fat off the top. So good. A week of meals. If I don't make stuff up ahead I start buying lunch at that gets expensive fast. I love eating and I love eating healthy, I just don't usually take the time to cook healthy and end up eating junk.

Cooking is just not something that excites me. I could very easily eat out all the time without the slightest guilt or feeling that I've missed something. I just can't afford it. One of those wimmin things that I just don't have the urge for (one of many). I do enjoy cooking up a big meal for a family get together but much of that is being together and the planning and cooking and eating together.

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Walked - 4 miles
Biked - 8 miles

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