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Sunday, April 18, 1999

I just stayed home today and relaxed. A couple of times I got dressed and put on my shoes because I felt like I should do something, and then realized that I just want to stay home. I spent the afternoon watching "The Century: America's Timeline" on the History Channel and enjoyed it.

I also worked on my webpage for my trip to New York City last fall. Writing about it isn't the problem. It's setting up the pictures and roads pages and doing all the links, but I love it when it's done. It's like spider web all over the country. I picked up so many states on that trip. Well, I had actually been in many of the states before but I don't have those trips written up yet.

I enjoy collecting roads and states and bus stations. Not literally, of course, but that I've been there. I enjoy traveling because you do create this web of remembrances and places. It's the best kind of collecting because it doesn't take up any room.

"The Century" was very interesting, especially since I watched five episodes at once. There wasn't much that was really new but I thought it brought it all together well. The episode on civilian casualties was very grim. WWII was full of apalling atrocities, but then it's not the first time. The civilians are usually the ones hurt the most. In the US we've been spared that since the Civil War and I don't think even then it was as bad as what went on in Europe during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Tomorrow I have to go back to work, but that will even be nice after some time off. I have a job I enjoy so I don't hate working. I just hate having to get up in the morning. I'm already planning my next vacation around Memorial Day and hope to go out and visit Mike and Lauri

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