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Traveling, wandering and wondering

"I was born under a wandering star" - Paint your Wagon

Travel is like the internet. It seems linear but it's more like hypertext or fractals. You can see the first layer, for instance, I-10 goes from Jacksonville, FL to Los Angeles, CA, and on this layer you can say that it goes through Mobile, AL, Baton Rouge, LA, Houston, TX, El Paso, TX, Las Cruces, NM, Tucson, AZ, and Blythe, CA, plus many other towns. If you look on one of these towns as a hyperlink, then you start to go further in. For instance, "click" on Tucson, AZ and you get to the University of Arizona and Reid Park and Mt. Lemmon and the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. If you "click" on the University of Arizona, you get the Wildcats and Steward Observatory and the Lunar Planetary Lab and the Arizona State Museum and Arid Lands and.....

C. S. Lewis would say that this is going further in and further up. The further in we go, the bigger it gets. Any travelogue would be huge and boring if you tried to tell everything about your travels, so each of us pick different links to "click" on when we talk about where we've been. These are my links to where I've been. They change as I change. I find that even writing about where I've been changes my perception of it and I remember things that I had forgotten and find that some things I remembered, don't seem as important. This is why the web is like traveling. You go a little closer in here (what a neat shop) and pull out a little there (that is so boring) and make optional links to things that some people may consider important and other people don't want to waste their time on.

I enjoy traveling, both locally and out of town. Yes, you can travel to the locally, like to the park, if you look on it as an adventure, an excursion, a quest or all three. This page has links to places I've been, what I've written about them and some pictures. There are also links other people's pages on travel.


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