Rambles and Byways

Here are some interests and writings about things that I enjoy.

  • Myself and my family. My family is certainly my greatest enjoyment and I don't mind talking about myself either. (Since Geocities went away this link isn't available until I finally get around to uploading the pages elsewhere.)

  • Places and Things. Some places I've been and things I've done.

  • Traveling, wandering and wondering . Some places I've been and what I thought of them. There's a lot of "I took this road on this day and that road on that day" sort of thing because I love roads and maps and finding out where people go and why.

  • Thoughts and Journals Some things I've written and thought about.

  • Reading . The window out of ourselves and the lights in the darkness. You betcha. . .and it's a lot of fun, too!

  • Poetry . This is poetry that I enjoy reading and I'm starting to put some of mine down also (ok, I've only put up one of mine).

  • Writing . What I've written down about my thoughts, beliefs, rambles and wonders.

  • Pictures on my website and other Lists. I love making lists. I don't check things off of lists but I enjoy making them.

  • All the webrings on my pages


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