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Thursday, April 15, 1999

My baby is gone! With her boyfriend, no less. Yes, Lisa's grown up and just comes to visit now. It was so nice to see her and Joel, though, and it was nice to just relax today by myself. I do miss her though.

I still have two days of vacation and had thought of going to Phoenix for a couple of days, but I was just too lazy today. I got up leisurely and then went up to Tohono Chul Park. This is a small park in the northwest foothills that has managed to retain a desert feel despite being surrounded by houses and businesses.

They have very nice nature walks with all the signs to tell you what the plants are. They also usually have an art exhibit of some kind. I just walked and enjoyed the flowers, since they make their own rain, and walked through the desert areas. There were little kids everywhere.

I had on my old hiking boots but after a couple miles my little toe started to hurt. I just can't wear these boots. I have very wide toes and most shoes pinch my little toe. I put some tape on my toes and did a little shopping and then just had to go home and change. I went down to the hiking store and found some that have a wider toe box. They temporarily stretched them a little for me also and told me to wear the shoes for a couple hikes and then come in and get them stretched permanently if needed. How cool. I didn't even know they could do that. Well, my old ones are still too small but I could have saved myself some pain in the past.

I took the bus on down to the bike store and found a woman's bike seat. My old one was garbage and I've heard about the seats styled for women. We have wider sit-upon bones and need a little hollow so we don't get numb in the crotch. I got home and could not put the seat on because I needed different attachments.

To avoid further problems, I took my bike to the store. I just caught a bus and there was already a lady waiting with her bike so I was lucky that the bike rack on the bus was empty. More and more people are using the bike racks and often you can't put your bike on.

The bike shop people put on the attachment and put on the seat. They are very helpful and can do it so much faster than I can. I priced bike trailers, but they run above $200.00. That's a little pricey for camping once in a while. Well I could camp a lot but I think I'll have to wait till fall now. It's starting to warm up. They even turned the air conditioning on in my apartment. It is so cool!

Ok, I've got my boots and I've got my bike seat so I'm ready for the summer. Whatever.

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Walked - 5 miles
Biked - 4.5

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