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Saturday, April 3, 1999

Walked - 7.5 miles

I slept late today, almost till 8:00. That's late for me. I think I had a bit of a bug as I've been tired and cranky the last week. I felt good after all that sleep so I went for a walk in the morning. I walked along the Rillito River Walk. I stayed on the south side, which is for pedestrians and equestrians. I was nearly alone. Most people, even the walkers, use the north side which is paved.

I enjoyed the peace a quiet, well, when I was away from the main roads it was quiet. There were even several trees in bloom. I don't know if it's from the good rain we got the last couple of days, or not. It seems a bit quick even for the desert where plants can bloom and seed and animals can breed with amazing rapidity when there's some moisture.

There is quite a bit of snow on the mountains. It's a little late for our ski resort since they've had practically no snow this year. We have the southernmost ski resort in the country on Mt. Lemmon. Some years we get weeks of skiing and others, like this year, none. The little snow they've received was hardly enough to make a snowball. The ski lift is fun to take in the summer, though. It's a nice walk down from the top to the ski lodge.

Anyway, it was a very nice walk. I was going to do some housework when I got home about mid-afternoon, but got seduced, yes seduced, by my computer. It's now nearly 8:30 and all I've done is wash the dishes. There were a couple days worth, but there's still plenty of cleaning to do.

I checked out a couple forums and read my email. One was a question about some pictures, so I had to scan them and get them formatted and on the web so I could tell them where to see them. I also worked on some other pictures that I noticed. While doing all this I was also watching tv. A little Statler Brothers, the end of Field of Dreams, a few Mash episodes (they're running them all day on one channel), Law and Order and now I'm back to Mash. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

I guess I'll do a little cleaning now. My daughter and her boyfriend are coming next week and while she's seen my apartment at it's worst, he hasn't. Besides, I always can use a visit as a little push to clean. I need all the help I can get.

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