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Wednesday, 21 July 2004
Christian Comedy
Topic: Spiritual
The Washington Post had a great article on Christian comedy. This I would enjoy going to. I'm not particularly a prude and say some hells, damns, and even shits many days, but I get tired of listening to "humor" that's nothing but sex and bathroom jokes. It's like sitting on the bus and listening to some people who have a f*** separating every other word. It's so irritating and boring and a clear sign of a lack of using their intelligence, assuming they have any. It's also extremely discourteous.

Sure, I listen to a potty mouth comedian and laugh, at first, but very soon, if I'm still laughing it's because I don't want whoever I'm with to think I'm a prude, though I'm getting less interested in that. I'm not a goody two shoes. Dogma is one of my favorite movies, I don't care who you screw, as long as you do it in private and don't push it in my face and expect me to bless you, and I'm still working out (at 57) what I do believe, but I get so tired of people who think that the only humor in the world concerns sex or toilets.

Posted by rachela at 12:03 PM MDT
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Sunday, 13 June 2004
The Second Sunday after Pentecost
Topic: Spiritual
The sermon this morning was about grace and to watch out about basing your religion on excluding people who don't think just like you. This is a big topic right now in the Episcopal Church, but I agree and this is one of the things I like about the Episcopal Church. They go way off the deep end sometimes but there is always such a wide range of opinions and an acceptance of all of them.

Posted by rachela at 3:42 PM MDT
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