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Sunday, 1 August 2004
Busses are running! Yeah!
Topic: Busses, Cars & Trains
Suntran, Tucson's bus system, went right up to the line of last night for a strike, but they pulled it out. What a relief. I can ride my bike and they usually have three or four routes running the Sunday schedule manned by supervisors, one of which is the #8 Broadway bus which I ride, but many people don't have those options. They always go on strike in August, too, when it is so hot here.

Posted by rachela at 8:28 AM MDT
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Thursday, 22 July 2004
Mobile Internet
Topic: Busses, Cars & Trains
There is such a cool story about getting the internet to remote villages by motorcycle or, my favorite postal bus. Using WiFI they basically download and upload email as they go through the village. The whole page linked above is fascinating to read. One clip:

...but perhaps the cleverest plan to put the internet on wheels comes from a cunning scheme to provide e-mail access in rural India using buses. Given the reach of the bus network, it is estimated that this approach could provide national e-mail coverage for a paltry $15m. E-mail by bus--why not?

What a cool way for everyone to connect to the world. When I was growing up in Mexico we lived beyond the car roads and our mail came down on a man's back and then by mule train. Even a mule could carry the equipment and everyone could be connected, even remote villages in jungles or arctic. I like this idea though I realize that there are some people who would find this apalling.

Posted by rachela at 9:24 AM MDT
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Wednesday, 21 July 2004
Bus Riding Republicans
Topic: Busses, Cars & Trains
According to Greenbiz News delegates attending the Republican Convention in New York City will be using public transit to get around. There really isn't any other option. Hopefully some will like it. The lack of interest in public transit is a real blind spot in conservative politicians. Well, in conservatives in general. I feel like a voice crying in the wilderness.

Posted by rachela at 11:40 PM MDT
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Friday, 18 June 2004
Busing by Accident
Topic: Busses, Cars & Trains
I cycled off to work this morning and fifteen minutes later remembered that I had forgotten to turn off the iron. I couldn't leave that and I knew I would worry myself sick if I didn't go back and turn it off. Back I went which left me with too little time to cycle to work.

I walked down to Wilmot to catch the #3, 6th St/Wilmot bus. It was nice to just sit and watch the world go by after riding my bicycle most of the week. Of course, this meant I had to take the bus home and it is hot waiting for the bus in the afternoon and I have to transfer or walk. I took the #4, Speedway bus, to Wilmot where I planned to catch the #5, Pima bus.

I wandered around around Bookmans while waiting and when I came out the sun was just going behind the buildings. The trees to the east had that wonderful golden glow and it was noticeably cooler, which is still warm in Tucson in June. I decided to walk home and it was nice to feel my walking muscles get a workout. I could never just cycle as I enjoy walking too much.

Posted by rachela at 10:54 PM MDT
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Tuesday, 8 June 2004
Official car
Topic: Busses, Cars & Trains
I feel cool. I have an official University of Arizona car. Actually anyone at the UofA can rent from the motorpool instead of from a regular rental agency, and it's usually cheaper, but still if looks like I am so official or something.

Another lady and I are going to a seminar in Phoenix tomorrow and I get to drive. I love driving rental cars. They're always so new, unlike most of the cars I've owned, and I don't have to worry about upkeep.

Hmm! I'm the one without a car and rarely drive and yet I'm driving tomorrow. Does that make sense?

Posted by rachela at 8:31 PM MDT
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Sunday, 6 June 2004
Busing around town
Topic: Busses, Cars & Trains
I took the #5 bus, Pima Street/West Speedway, to Campbell and Grant. It's such a nice bus as I can take it from home to within a few blocks of work. It's also a bit slower since it wanders north to Pima before coming back south to Speedway. When the schedules mesh it great on weekends as I don't have to go all the way downtown and back out. Today I was transfering to the #9 bus, Grant, to Campbell and Grant.

When I walked up to the bus stop at Speedway and Campbell there were four guys already sitting on the bench so I stood a little ways off where there was shade. One of the guys called to me and said to come and sit and they would move. I said I was ok since I didn't have a long wait but they all got up so I went over and sat down, feeling a bit bad about it. He said the driver would yell at them anyway if they were sitting on the bench and not allowing riders to sit. They then wandered off and I realized they were homeless and not just waiting for the bus. This is miserably hot weather for homeless people and it was a bit early for the libraries to be open, one on Sunday I believe, but I did appreciate that the drivers tried to keep them from taking up room on the benches since it's also miserable to stand in the sun and heat because a homeless person is asleep on the bench. I know, I'm heartless, but there are other places to sleep in the shade but when waiting for the bus you have to wait by the bus stop.

I had been planning to see a movie at the Catalina Theatre, one our remaining old movie houses, but just lost interest, besides Bookmans, a great second hand bookstore was right there. I then took the #15 bus, Campbell, south to Broadway. While waiting at the Grant stop I saw that they were doing some elaborate landscaping around the bus stop. They finished major roadwork along here about a year ago and it looks like they're prettying it up now. It will be nice to have a good bus stop. Right now it's pretty barren and very hot while waiting for a bus.

I had lunch and did a little grocery shopping and then it was the #8 bus, Broadway, on home. I had pretty good connections today and all of this only took three and a half, hours including shopping and lunch.

Posted by rachela at 5:02 PM MDT
Updated: Sunday, 6 June 2004 5:52 PM MDT
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