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Monday, June 28, 1999

I sit at my desk at home at look at stuff piled everywhere. Pictures that need to be scanned. Pictures that need dates and places put on them before I forget. Travel info that needs to be read and filed. Camping equipment that still needs to be shaken out and then put away. Dishes that need to be washed. Magazines that I really, really want to read. Books that I want to read. Books I've bought and books I've checked out of the library.

I think it's time for a major upheaval. It's too hot to do anything else so I'm planning on it for next weekend. Next weekend is the 4th of July weekend so I'll have three days. I doubt I'll be outside barbecueing in 105 degrees. Maybe even 110 degrees.

Maybe, if I wake up in time, I can go for a bike ride before it gets too hot. Well, I do need to fix the flat tire. I hate fixing flats, but I can do it and I hate paying to have something done that I can do without too much trouble. It just get so filthy. It's like rubbing the bottom of your shoes on your hands. Worse because you wipe your shoes once in a while but bike tires just keep getting filthier.

So much to do. So little time to do it in. I think I need to just catch my breath and get things organized. I am very organized at work, why do I come home and just quit organizing? I still have the fabric to decorate with. I've had that a month at least. I need to decide what magazines I want to keep and which ones I want to get rid of. So many articles that I will never cut out and file. Nowadays my excuse is that it could show up on the internet and I could just save it from there. Yeah right!

Besides, if I stay at home and organize, I won't be out spending money and I really need to save money so I can go on a vacation this fall. Right now the possibilities of where to go are just too many so I'm working on that also. Fall is a good time to travel as it's cooler, the leaves are turning beautiful colors and it doesn't rain as much as in the spring. Besides I'm already sending for travel info from states and chambers of commerce, so I am really going to need someplace to file all this.

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