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Saturday, June 26, 1999

I slept in the car last night and woke up with crick in my neck. I not used to sleeping in what is basically a recliner. It was still more comfortable than sleeping on the ground without a mattress. It would be nice to camp without having to set up a tent and get all grubby. My hands are filthy just from being in camp.

My head was aching from the altitute and the hike yesterday. Whenever I exert more than I'm used to at a high altitude I get headaches. I thought it would be gone by now, which is why I came up the day before the volkswalk.

Since I'm used to getting up at 5:00 I still woke up at 6:00. The only other people up are a couple of dog walkers. Yep, aren't dogs fun. I prefer cats myself. Even after getting ready it's still only 7:30 so I drive up the Summerhaven and have breakfast and coffee at the cafe until the volkswalk starts at 8:30. I actually started at 9:00 since the cafe runs on it's own time and I didn't even get my food until 8:30. Everytime I've eaten there it's been a little strange, but the food is good.

The walk goes up a trail from Summerhaven till it gets to the ski slope and then up the road to the top. It's warm, it's hot, and I'm dying. I'm not the only one that's slow but most people are passing me. At the top we go down the Aspen Draw trail I was on yesterday and then back to Summerhaven. I was surprised that I did it in only three hours. It feels so good to finish and I get the award, a ceramic coaster.

I am so hot and tired that when I get back to camp I feel almost sick and totally wiped out and just cannot face the idea of sitting around camp. I pack up the car and head back to Tucson. When I'm unloading the car in 105 degrees I already feel better. It is so nice to relax, take a shower and be cool and not have a headache. Altitude always bothers me but sometimes it's worse than others. This was a bad one and I'm not sure why. Maybe I had a bug of some kind also.

I had a good time hiking though and I always enjoy walking through pine and aspen forests, and, now that I have the car till Monday I can run around town in a car tomorrow. Great. I can stock up on those things that are a bit difficult to carry home on my bike.

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Hiked - 10 kilometers

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