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Tuesday, June 22, 1999

My tent is taking up my entire living room. It's not that big, it's just that I live in a studio and when you take out the bedroom (my futon in the corner) and my study (my huge desk in the other corner) and the cat food and litter and some plants and bookcases, there's not that much left. I'm squeezing past it to get to the kitchen.

I have it set up as I'm planning on camping and, after owning the tent for two years, I may get rained on as I'm going up Mt. Lemmon and the clouds are already gathering on the peaks. I can remember camping on Mt Lemmon when it was dry and over 100 degrees in Tucson, yet we sat watching the rain and wearing jackets. Everyone has their blue tarp to cook and sit under.

I'm waterproofing the tent in hopes that I will stay reasonably dry. Camping in the rain is just not a lot of fun. Not only are you cold and damp, but it's difficult to cook when it's raining, and you can't even get a decent cup of coffee. I can remember waking up soaked and cold and you climb in the car and get it filthy. What a mess!

I do miss camping. I don't miss the hassle involved but I love sitting in the dark in the evening and waking up at dawn to hear the birds and feel the cool morning air. I rarely have a campfire when I'm camping by myself as I enjoy just watching the stars. For cooking I use a little alcohol stove. It's a tiny little thing and doesn't get dirty like a gas stove.

Cat is not happy. She keeps squeezing along the walls as she's not sure what that big green thing is. She knows it has some strange smells on it so she's just being careful. Whenever I come back from camping you would think she was scouting out enemy territory. All those strange smells drive her crazy. She's not thrilled that I picked up these smells someplace where she wasn't. I am suppose to stay home with her.

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