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Saturday, June 19, 1999

I walked around the mall for a couple of hours today. It's my walking gym when the weather gets as hot and humid as it is right now. I enjoy looking at all the people, in every kind of outfit. The women were wearing long dresses and short shorts. The men went from nice slacks to very baggy, long shorts. Every kind of shoe, except heels. You very rarely see heels at a shopping center.

So much to buy and so many people buying and buying. Where does all the money come from? I see people buying things I would never even consider buying either because I don't have any interest or they are too much money. I bought a couple of men's tshirts and some orange flavored coffee (to die for). The tshirts were in nice pastel colors and I like wearing the large men's tshirts as they are so comfy. Sloppy, but comfy.

It took me a while to buy the coffee as I enjoy just standing there and smelling the coffee. That's part of the appeal of coffee shops also. If coffee had no smell it wouldn't taste nearly as good. All the accessories are so much fun to browse through. There are some absolutely beautiful mugs. I'd get some but I prefer a plastic mug as it doesn't burn my lips and it doesn't break.

After walking for a while (and some browsing) I stopped at the eating area, which is quite large. I rather like it as I can get coffee at one place and a salad at another and a main dish at another. A real mix and match and more fun than a standard cafeteria. Some people just walk right to their counter of choice and others stand there reading the menu before deciding. Some people, like me, wander up and down trying to decide. Sometimes there is just too much choice. I love too much choice.

I have to walk past a main entrance and across a street to get to the bus center. There are always cars coming in and out. A constant stream of people entering and leaving. Where do they all come from? Do other people wonder where all these people come from? During the day there are is a steady flow of cars on all the main streets. Where do they come from and where are all these people going? Do they wonder what I'm doing and where I'm going?

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Walked - 3 miles

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