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Friday, June 18, 1999

I rushed home after I got off work today at 11:00 AM because yesterday UPS had left a note that they had tried to deliver a package and would try again today. I really hate getting things delivered by UPS or FedEx. The USPO put packages in lock boxes so I can get them but UPS and FedEx expect you to take off work for several hours, since they won't give you an exact time, in order to be there when they deliver.

I can't pickup at the UPS office as it's several miles from a bus line and it's too hot to ride a bike that far after work. Another instance of life being geared to those with cars. I get so irritated at times. I don't ask that the world revolve about my method of transportation, as car drivers do, but just an occasional courtesy. Maybe an occasional night delivery. An office somewhere close to the middle of town. Not much. Just a little consideration.

Ok, waiting for delivery people, or repair people or installation people, just makes me a bit testy. I have to schedule things, why can't they? I'm not asking for within 10 minutes. Just withing an hour would be nice. I can remember waiting for 12 hours for cable. They scheduled for homeowners, but us lowly apartment dwellers just had to wait.

Of course, the worst time was when I had to wait FOUR hours for the police when I came home to find someone had broken in and stolen my computer. I didn't want to touch the window they came in because I didn't want to disturb any clues. Yeah, right! I sat there at night with an open window to protect the evidence and one officer finally showed up at 10:00 at night and looked around, took a few notes, and said to give them a call if anything else was missing, but the police, quite evidently, weren't going to put themselves out.

I am one of those people that get everywhere early. I start getting antsy if I'm not at the airport at least an hour or an hour and a half. I am usually early to work and very, very rarely late. I think that people who are always late are discourteous. I'm not saying they need to get places early, but if they say they are going to be somewhere, then they should be there, when they say they'll be there. If they can't be on time, then they should have promised a later time.

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