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Thursday, June 17, 1999

The apartment complex I live in is changing all the apartment numbers by one digit. ONE! To comply with Pima County Address Code. I didn't even know we had an address code. The first digit has to be the building number or letter. The second digit is the floor and then the apartment. It's more for emergency vehicles than mail as this way they can get to the apartment faster. The mail goes into boxes at the end of each building so the mailperson doesn't really need to know how to get to the apartment.

I get to change my address with everyone I get mail from. It is incredible how many bills, magazines, memberships, correspondents, etc., I need to change. I am amazed at how many people have my address. I don't really write that many people now, I email them, but there are still too many with my address that may occasionally need it.

All the address labels I've been sent by groups hoping that I'll send them money, aren't good anymore. I had to print some labels to put on the bills I'm paying today. I just got a new box of checks so I'll have to spend the next year changing the apartment number on them.

Now that I don't use checks to get cash or buy groceries, they seem to last forever. I also had to call the bank since the bank routing number was different. The bank changed that on me, so that was ok. I didn't know what the old one was until I looked but the new checks just didn't look right. It's interesting how we unconsciously recognize patterns.

Deja vu turns out to just be a familiar pattern, not really a psychic experience. It is freaky to do or go someplace new and feel like you've been there before. When I pay attention I can tell how much I operate by patterns. I don't really look at where I'm walking or riding all the time, just see the familiar patterns while my mind is thinking of something else. Of course, if the pattern changes suddenly I can get in trouble because of not paying attention.

I'm pretty good at finding my way back to where I've been before and I do it by recognizing patterns and colors which just feel right. We can tell when the people around us are feeling different because their patterns are different. Patterns aren't the only thing we notice but they are a large part of our routine.

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