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Monday, June 14, 1999

We have peace in Kosovo, yeah, and the comedy/tragedy continues. According to George Jr., we now have compassionate conservatives. I know quite a few conservatives and they're all very compassionate. A little weird at times, but definitely compassionate. Actually I happen to know some real grinchy liberals (but even more compassionate ones).

It's hot, high 90s, and the humidity is up to 14%. Oh, if we could just get some rain. The monsoons usually start the end of June or the first of July, but that is often more a hope than a promise. Our temperatures don't really go down much and the humidity goes up, but that hour or two when the skies open up are wonderful. Afterwards we have rainbows, more rainbows than I've seen anywhere else.

The washes can fill up in just minutes and there's always some idiot who thinks that he can get through. We now have a law that when the emergency services have to rescue the idiot, they get to bill the idiot for the costs. One of the main causes of accidental death in Arizona is drowning, drowning in a wash. I've seen one of the bridges literally shake from the force of the water hitting it, and yet a couple hours later the wash in empty.

Right now the monsoons are just dreams and the weather persons will taunt us and tempt us and give us false hope. "Probably not tomorrow, but the next day, well, there's a chance". I guess we can't deny them this since most of the year they have a very hard time. Just how many ways can you say that it's clear and sunny? How many times can you look interested when telling everyone that , yes, once again, it's going to be a beautiful day. Fall and spring must be very hard on them.

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