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Sunday, June 13, 1999

It was 7:30 when I left the apartment this morning and there was just a hint of cool left. I figured I would just do a quick pedal around the neighborhood, but, I seemed to just keep going. I wandered on back streets through some historic neighborhoods, saw they had striped more bike routes on Park and picked up a muffic and coffee at Rincon market.

The Rose Garden at Reid Park is open, but the roses are a bit past their prime. A bunch of motorcyclists are having a get together. There's nothing going on at the ampitheatre but there are people around walking their dogs and enjoying the park.

The heat bothered me less the longer I was out and I rode down to the Aviation bikeway. It's a pretty nice bikeway that goes along AZ-210 but there are a few places where it has concrete walls on both sides that are covered with graffiti and are a little scary as there is no way out.

I dislike bike or pedestrian paths that are closed on both sides so there is nowhere to go. I always worry about being trapped. It's ok if you can see to the end of the narrow spot but when it goes on for a while it feels dangerous. I really wonder about the people who design some bike paths. The one that goes to Kino Sports Park has several spots like this, plus it has several spots that run right along the wash which could be dangerous during the rainy season as it curves enough that you wouldn't be able to see water coming toward you and it doesn't have to be raining right where you are to have water rushing down the wash.

Aviation Parkway dumps me off near downtown and it's just a quick ride to 4th Avenue. I stopped at the Coop to see what sale bread they have. I pick up some cinnamon raisin and whole wheat for just 99c each. You can get some good bread cheap but you never know.

This is about the only thing I go to the Coop for anymore. It's truly a relic of the 60s (and 70s). The prices aren't really that great compared to the supermarkets and the selection is really poor. I like to buy what health food stuff I eat at the supermarket so they will stock more. The Coop is a very separatist type of protest and seems to just preach to the believers.

Finally I head home and it really is getting hot now. It was good to get a little bike ride in though. Soon I'll have to start at 5:00 to beat the heat.

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Biked - 18 miles

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