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Saturday, June 12, 1999

I woke up late today (nearly 7:00) and took it easy all day. I did some housecleaning and cleaned all the cat stuff especially. I always wait till I'm home in the middle of the day for that as I like to put the litter box outside to dry in the sun after I've washed it. Cat does not like this. She just hates it when I start moving her cat things around. She hates it when I move anything around.

I washed clothes, vacuumed, did dishes. Just the basic house cleaning stuff but I do tend to put it off much too long. Since I didn't feel like there was something else to do, it was nice to just do it slowly between playing on the computer and watching television.

I felt a little sad today and I'm not sure why, but that always makes me want to take it easy. I feel like I should pamper myself. I used this as an excuse for buying some macaroons for myself. I need to go for a long bike ride tomorrow, very early before it gets hot, and get out of the sadness. I think it's because I feel a bit isolated right now and don't have anything to really look forward to. I also need to start planning my next trip.

I think I'll get the 10 day Ameripass and just ride around stopping to do volkswalks and look at some history. I haven't had a long trip since I went to NYC last fall and I start getting a little stir crazy after a while. I can't go till September because of fiscal year end at work, but maybe in August I could take a long weekend and go someplace cool. I'd like to go someplace cool on 4th of July weekend, but the only close place I can think of is Flagstaff and I went there last year.

When I did a run to the grocery store I was surprised at how many of their shelves are empty. It's a Smiths which has been bought by Frys. Later this month they're closing for a couple days while they do the changeover. It'll be interesting and they do have a lot on sale right now. I'm glad that the pharmacy will still be there as it's convenient for me. I was afraid they might close but that's not going to happen.

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Biked - 2 miles

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