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Friday, June 11, 1999

I went shopping this afternoon. How depressing. Of course, nothing looks on me, or any normal person, the way it looks on the models. I was looking for something a little more professional to wear to work. You know, a dress, or at least nice slacks and a shirt instead of a tshirt. I found some things but they either weren't in my size, made me look pregnant or were uncomfortable.

I just do not see why jeans or sweats and a long tshirt aren't just as professional as a suit. It's not like it affects my work. I still do the best work I can. New York City and Washington DC freaked me out a little with all the black suits I saw. They don't even wear color. It is really sad and repressed. I heard on the news some dip talking about how if Hilary runs in New York she's going to have to get rid of those colored suits and get more things in black. How sad that this would determine who we vote for.

One big problem with me wearing fancier clothes is that they just don't go with tevas or tennis shoes. I haven't worn a pair of flats in years and they were uncomfortable back then. They would be torture after these years of freedom. I see so many women who when they wear sandals show their twisted, warped toes from wearing "professional" shoes and it is so sad. It's no different than Chinese foot binding only these women choose to wear shoes that actually warp their bones.

I'm going to try again tomorrow but I think I'm going to have to settle for some comfy khaki shorts and slacks and some tshirts without logos. If that's not good enough, I guess I'll just have to give up my hopes of advancing my career. At 52 my career is pretty well shot anyway since I don't do any of the other things you are suppose to do to get ahead like working 12 hours a day, taking evening classes and kissing ass.

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