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Thursday, June 10, 1999

I'm typing this at the U of A library. They have computers here that students, staff and faculty can use. Actually, anyone can use them since they don't ask for ID. Right now there is plenty of room, but sometimes things get a little tight during the regular semesters. Most of the computers just have the basics of Netscape so that people can get on the internet, and there are also several text based internet access machines. The one I'm on also has MS Office and some graphics and media programs. These are the hardest to get during the winter, especially the ones that are hooked up to the scanners.

Before I got my scanner I used to come here to scan photos but it's a boring way to get pictures scanned since you just sit here. At home I can do other stuff while the scanner is working. I like to come here when I want to stay on campus for something. When an activity is at 7:00 or 7:30 it's a waste of time to go home and then come back, especially since I'm traveling by bus or bike.

I enjoy watching the people, kids most of them, work and wonder what they are doing. While more and more students have computers, there are still those who can't afford one or don't have one that is as good as these are. It's cool in here in the summer also.

The meeting I'm going to tonight is the Sierra Club meeting. I've been to a couple others, the last one nearly a year ago. As with all environmental groups, I have a love/hate relationship with them. Well, I have the same relationship with most groups. I do want to see what they are doing about pedestrian and transit issues in Tucson and elsewhere. I know they are strong on sprawl issues but I think just saying no is not going to work.

The best way would be to require developers to provide capital and start up costs for transit for new developments as well as pay for the installation of all utilities and build the schools that will be needed and stock them and pay for the additional start up costs such as getting teachers and the planning involved. This, of course, is a pipe dream but it's what I would like. I think that people who are making money off of the new development should pay the full costs and not ask the rest of us to subsidize their profits.

It is nice to have access to a good research library even though I don't use it very much. I never have gotten used to the Library of Congress filing system and most of the books here are a little too scholarly for me. They don't have much in the way of the latest mystery. When you do need to look something up, they probably have it here. They also have a great map room, which I enjoy just browsing through.

I just enjoy working at a large university as there is always so much going on and I can look rather casual while enjoying it (and still look more dressed up than some of the students). There are always lectures going on, though some of them are on things that I don't have a clue about, and there are recitals and plays (some very strange) and activities. I enjoy working at and living near a university. It seems that there is always more life. Not necessarily more sense, but certainly more life, more trying out possibilities.

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