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Friday, June 4, 1999

I'm tired today. I think I'm still getting back in routine after being gone. I still went down and donated blood as they had called and asked me. I got a new tshirt, like I need another Red Cross tshirt! It was pretty empty and I went through quick but they said they had been very busy earlier. It's always nice to know people are willing to donate blood. It's so easy and so helpful.

I just lay down for about four hours and I couldn't sleep. I hate that. I have never been able to sleep in the daytime, except when I'm sick, and that's no fun. Damn I'll just have to watch tv and hope it puts me to sleep. It's only 8:00 PM and I can rarely sleep before 10:00 PM.

Cat is confused. she doesn't like me sleeping during the day and keeps tickling my nose. She is a true creature of habit. She gets upset when I move furniture around, which I do on a regular basis. She gets very upset when I get out my suitcase and start packing. When we move to a new apartment she hides in the old one so I can't find her and have to drag her out from behind the refrigerator and such.

She's such a sweetie. Not very friendly, except when I'm trying to sleep, but a sweetie nevertheless. She makes me feel loved even if it's just for the food I give her. I think it's more though, because she has food when I'm gone but still is glad that I'm back.

I can't imagine how people can mistreat animals. I don't expect people to treat them like they're people, though some do, but I could never hurt an animal unless I was trying to help them, such as taking them to the vet. I don't think I could hurt a person either, but they aren't as vulnerable as animals. I believe the studies that show that people who hurt animals move on to hurting people.

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