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Sunday, May 30, 1999

The next day we drove up to the Rennaisance Faire near San Bernardino. Lauri was working at one of the booths so we got cut rate tickets and free parking. It seems that most of the workers work free so they can get in free. What a racket. Most of the workers are die hard Ren Faire attenders. It's fun but I can't get into it that much. I keep remembering the black death and raw sewage running down the street.

Mike and Lauri looked so cute in their outfits. I wore a rennaissance outfit for their wedding and I don't want to again. That bodice is very uncomfortable and there are many women who have no business wearing one. Evidently they are fairly strict about what the workers wear and what is sold. They check everything out to keep it authentic.

Mike and I walked around for a while and watched a couple of juggling shows. They are quite good. We also saw the Mud Show. Don't even ask. We were looking for Lauri's sister and her aunt and four children (two cousins and their friends) and finally found them at the jousting.

We ran into the wild elves, who were dressed in in practically nothing and painted with black and white paint. Lauri knew them from San Diego and Mike knew several. The Fantasy Fair that they used to go to near San Diego had closed so they were now enjoying themselves at a Rennaissance Faire, though they were hardly authentic. They were running around bugging people and enjoying themselves.

They would swarm around someone and look awed by what they saw. They didn't speak but just looked, very closely. It was fun watching them as people didn't know what to do. More fantasy people are showing up here as they don't have anywhere else to go now but the elves were the most noticeable. I did see a Xena.

The faire was crowded since it was memorial Day weekend and people were enjoying themselves. I got quite hot and tired and it was nice to just sit down once in a while. We had brought some crackers and summer sausage which was nice with a beer. There was plenty of beer here and the huge turkey legs and pizza, though I don't know that pizza is that authentic.

I was glad to finally leave the faire. We went out to eat with Lauri's relatives and then went to the campground where we camped with the wild elves. They had washed off all the paint by that time. There were about 10 tents in four campsites. Someone had made a fire box out of the basket of a washing machine and some metal legs. It was really nice. It kept the ashes and logs in and had a nice draft and you could still feel the heat.

By the time we had our tent up and I'd had a couple beers, I was ready to sleep. The others were up for quite a while and partying.

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