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Thursday, May 27, 1999

I didn't get much sleep last night as something bit me and I itched all night. There was also quite a bit of coming and going and it seemed like every time I dozed off someone came in and woke me up. I was tired after two nights of little sleep but I wanted to go on a volkswalk. After some checking, it seems as though the walk I had planned on is on hiatus and the closest walk I also wanted to go on was in Carlsbad.

I decided that I needed a good nights sleep and a nice walk so I called the motel that the walk started on and got a room for that night. I also decided to take the local bus up the coast again. I packed up and took the trolley downtown. I had a quick breakfast at a bagel shop by the trolley barn. I like downtowns on work days as the people rush about to work. This is the real world, not Old Town, even though I enjoy history.

I took the #34 bus up to the University of California at San Diego campus in La Jolla. This is a very scenic ride as it goes through the Old Town Transit Center and through the beach communities and finally La Jolla, which is quite scenic in itself. At UCSD I caught the #301 which follows the coast up to Oceanside.

We went up the S21 county highway which goes up the coast. The coastal towns, like all beach towns, are either upscale yuppie with cute coffee shops and ye olde antique shoppes, or weatherbeaten and worn down with a faded, exposed to the elements look. I think the weatherbeaten is really for the atmosphere as most of North County looks pretty expensive.

We pass the same transit centers that I passed on the train the day before, but stop at more of them. There are flowers everywhere and, even though the sky is overcast, the surfers are out. They look like seals in their wetsuits. It's a couple hours up the coast.

I get off at Carlsbad and walk down to the motel. I got a new suitcase with the wheels and it's so nice to not have to haul stuff around. This is so much better. The motel is an older hotel but well kept up and clean. I like this kind. I have a studio with a stove and refrigerator. It's so nice and I'll be all alone. Ahhh! The beach is just down some stairs so it's a great location.

As soon as my stuff is in the room I go on the volkswalk. It heads back through town along brick sidewalks and the picture perfect transit station. The area near the highway is very cute but not fake. I stop at a coffee shop with an NRA sticker and latte. I go under I-5 and start up a hill.

It curves through a great residential area high on the hill. The houses have a wide variety of plants and trees, many which I don't even know. Everything is beautiful. The only off key notes are a couple of huge houses being built that dwarf the houses around them. That is always such a pity. I suppose in several years they may look ok with plenty of vegetation, but right now they don't look right.

Soon I'm heading back down toward the beach and then walk a ways up the beach. On the land side is a huge power plant which seems out of place, but I just enjoy the beach. It's cool enough that the walk is invigorating and even though I'm tired I feel good.

On the way back I pick up some munchies and a beer and plan for a nice and relaxed evening. It feels so good to take a hot shower and curl up in bed to watch television and relax. Even the bites seem to almost quit itching when I'm clean.

I love watching television in strange towns as the news and weather is so strange. The newspeople look so much alike but just different enough to give me a sense of being off balance.

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