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Tuesday, May 25, 1999

It is so refreshing to hear about the NYC police officers who are willing to testify about the criminal, brutal and totally inexcusable actions of the officer who sodomize a prisoner with a stick, and those who helped him. This idiocy of calling people who testify against criminals tattletales , is just an excuse to let criminals get away with their crimes.

I think the courage of the officers who were willing to uphold the law that they have sworn to protect is so wonderful. I know this must have been very hard for them as they do depend on each other, but if the people who are suppose to protect us, brutalize us, who will protect us.

It's so hard to be able to look beyond the fact that people are friends or family and see that they are hurting people. They are doing things that are wrong. It's so hard to do something about a friend who brutalizes their spouse, or a sibling who commits a crime. It's hard to say that my sibling/parent/child/friend should go to prison for killing someone, because you don't want to believe that your sibling/parent/child/friend is really bad, like other criminals.

It would be heartbreaking to turn your friend in for a crime, but if we protect our friends and other people protect their friends, we won't have civilization anymore, but a dog eat dog society. We have to strike a balance between protecting those we care about and protecting society. If we don't protect society, we won't have a society to protect us.

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