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Monday, May 24, 1999

I trashed my smoke alarm this morning. I turned on the wrong burner which had a frying pan on it and it started to smoke. There are few things that seem as loud as a smoke alarm going off right next to you at 5:00 am.

I was trying to get the alarm off the wall so I could disconnect the battery to shut it up and I managed to pull the front off and break two wires. It did stop but now I have to figure out how to fix it. I know smoke alarms are wonderful life savers but couldn't they make one that didn't go off when you're cooking, which is when mine always goes off.

I'm listening to the debate on the new family leave bill. Clinton is upset because people have 22 hours less per week to spend with their children. Now the people who have less time have chosen to spend more time at work. You can cut out overtime. You just have to make that sacrifice. You may not be able to afford the fancy house you want or the expensive cars you want.

Yes, there are people who have major expenses through no fault of their own, but most of the people I know have to work extra hours or extra jobs because they HAVE to have a better car, or live in a better neighborhood. I also know that they think that this is protecting their children, but the best investment they can make is to spend time with their children and teach them to make good choices.

The ones that will spend time with their children, already do. The ones that don't will just use the extra time to watch more television or work more at their second job or even play more golf, whatever it is that keeps them from spending time with their children already. Some people don't spend extra time at work but neither do they spend time with their children and/or family. They have their buds and their hobbies and their clubs and their sports. Family leave isn't going to do anything about this.

They had watered the grass in front of my work and it smelled so nice. It must have been recently cut also because I just wanted to roll in the freshness. This would, of course, have trashed my clothes and I do try to trash only one item a day, so I just stood there and sniffed deeply.

There was a problem with a program on a coworker's computer today. After about an hour I realized that her time showed PM instead of AM. She had fixed her time on Friday afternoon and put in the AM instead of PM, so the computer thought it was Sunday evening. It's the little things that drive you crazy.

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