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Friday, May 21, 1999

My tooth is filled! My tooth is filled! The dippy receptionist called me this morning, due, I am sure, to the really forceful message I left on their machine last night. It included phrases like "what an arrogant thing to do" with my voice rising on the "arr" of arrogant. They had filled my original appointment but did give me one for 11:20. This meant that I had to leave work early as it takes a good hour to get there on the bus.

The bus was late. I was afraid I would be late to the dentist but I came running in right on the dot. When I did get there they got me right in and were very nice. It's so great to be able to eat without having to dig food out of my tooth.

I went luggage shopping this afternoon. I cannot believe how all the luggage looks the same and can range from $50 to $1000. I just wanted a nice carryon with wheels. After a frustrating day, I think I'll just stick with my old duffel bag. I hate spending a couple hundred for a new suitcase, but I'm afraid if I get a cheap one the wheels won't hold up because I know I will be hard on them.

The lady at one luggage department told me that at a meeting she went to the airlines are planning to go down to only 18 inches for carryon. I hated to get a new bad and then not be able to use it. Another issue is that the bus overheads are smaller and I wanted something I could squish into them.

Why would anyone spend $1000.00 for a suitcase? I could do two really nice trips for that. I just don't have avariciousness to be a real good shopper. Travel I could spend money on, but not suitcases.

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