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Thursday, May 20, 1999

Everyone is sniffling and sneezing at work from allergies. My eyelid keeps twitching too but I don't know what that has to do with allergies. I don't want to take more sudafed though because it dries my head out so much and turns my mouth into cotton.

A cold is worse but it comes and goes and is gone while allergies go on forever. At least I only get them once in a while. I can't imagine having allergies all the time like some people do. It is such a miserable thing.

I am so mad tonight. I lost a filling in my tooth three months ago. So I called the dentist and asked for an appointment. The receptionist said that it would cost extra, even though I have insurance, if I got an emergency appointment. I said it didn't hurt so just get me an appointment, even though I was already pissed off. The appointment is for tomorrow.

I have been using toothpicks to dig food out of the hole everytime I eat. It's really embarrassing . I have been dreaming of this appointment. It's the first time I have looked forward to a dental appointment. I get home tonight and there is a message on my voicemail that the dentist looked at my chart and didn't see a cavity, so he cancelled the appointment.

I'm afraid that I called back and left a very upset message for them. If I don't get this tooth filled tomorrow I am going to be truly pissed off. I can't believe how arrogant dentists are.

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