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Tuesday, May 18, 1999

Goody! I'm watching a decorating show again. They are going to spray some leaves white and paste them on a bathroom wall. Right. If I did that it would look like garbage. They nailed a weathered white picket fense on the wall to put hooks on for towels and clothes. It really looks nice when they do it.

Damn all the stuff looks so good. It looks so easy too. I know it took a lot of thought to come up with these ideas but it ends up looking like it's always been this way.

How cool. They're using chicken wire to take the place of glass in an old cabinet. That is so neat. Then they team all this weathering with blue and white porcelain.

My problem is that I have trouble seeing how something will look before I do it. I plan how to do something but it turns out looking so different. I have the same problem with cooking. My dishes never look like the pictures in the cookbook. I like pictures and maps and can understand them better than just words, but I have to see something. I can't just picture it in my mind.

This is also the reason that I hate shopping. I have bought so many things that I end up not liking because I can't really see how it will work until I wear it a time or two. I can't just look at an outfit at the store and know if I can live with it or not.

My Mother's Day bouquet is dying. I'll need to save the flowers and do something with them. Actually the basket and flowers are great by themselves but they keep losing pieces of the flowers. I wonder if there is something I can spray it with so it won't do that.

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