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Sunday, May 16, 1999

I decided to be a vegetarian today, then I went grocery shopping and got over it. It always sounds so noble and besides I could live on salads and never have to cook. Oh, but it never lasts long. I don't really have a problem with eating meat as much as I have a problem with how the meat is raised and slaughtered.

I totally despise people who hurt animals for either fun or profit. I dislike people who just hunt for trophy and I really do not understand how people can catch and throw back fish. They still had a hook in their mouth. Sticking hooks through animals mouths is fun? I kill cockroaches and ants and would kill a scorpion or snake if necessary.

I would approve of necessary research on animals but certainly not research for unnecessary items. If a cosmetic company wants to make money with a new eye shadow, I'd suggest they test it on their shareholders. They can sew their eyelids open and drop the chemicals in to see if there is any damage. I'll bet they wouldn't be quite as interested in the bottom line then, would they?

But I have, thanks to all the times I've decided to be vegetarian, picked up some really good recipes which have to be healthier than McDonalds or even Ye Olde Steake House. I love having a whole meal of vegetables. For lunch today I had corn on the cob, spinach (I make good spinach) and a baked sweet potatoe. Yummy! Yes indeed. It's the dairy products that are the real hangup for me; milk, cheese, butter (real butter), sour cream and cream cheese, anything with cream cheese.

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