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Saturday, May 15, 1999

I walked up the the Rillito River Walk about 6:00 this morning and walked almost to the end at La Cholla. Almost to the end because just before you get to La Cholla they've dug a huge ditch across walk and into the Rillito Wash. There's a wash north of River Road but I thought it was on the west side of La Cholla. They've been digging up River road for months. All roadwork seems to take forever.

Anyway I did take a few pictures of the stonehenge along the way. There were a couple guys on bicycles that must have passed me three or four while I was walking out there and back. One of them I see everytime I'm out there. He must do nothing but ride his bike back and forth along the river walk.

By the time I finished walking it was was warming up and I could feel just a hint of the heat to come but we stayed in the low 90s today. Soon I'll be doing a lot of walking in the malls. It's not nearly as scenic but at least you don't get heatstroke. I walked through the mall later in the day and it was nice and cool.

While coming back from some shopping on the bus the strange guy with white hair got on. I mean white blonde, not old, he seems to be in his 20s or early 30s. He's always talking to himself and sometimes yelling about something. I've seen him on the bus all over town. There are a few like him that seem to do nothing but ride the busses all day. One guy seemed to consider himself the official greeter on one bus and was constantly riding it back and forth.

Once I got on a bus and the guy in the front seat was telling the driver how he had been abducted by aliens and the driver was just going "uhhuh" once in a while. I suppose they've heard just about everything. The bus drivers in Tucson are for the most part very nice. Occasionally you run into one that is just having a bad day, but most of them are friendly and helpful.

I found an Elizabeth George mystery that I hadn't read and thoroughly enjoyed it. I spent all afternoon reading it. She writes such long books but they are very good. It made for a very relaxing day. So relaxing that I'm sitting here yawning and it's not quite 10:00 PM yet. I guess I'll go to bed and get a good night's rest.

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