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Friday, May 14, 1999

When I got off work at 11:00 I rode my bike downtown to the Main Library. Along the way I stopped at 4th Avenue to pick up a something to eat at the food coop. The tomatoes look so great. Firm but just on the edge of juicy and bright red but they're organic and so expensive. At least they look good. Most organic vegetables look rather sad and still cost a fortune.

I'm not sure how much better organic is anyway. A good wash will usually get most pesticides off and most people can't afford higher produce prices. I don't notice that they taste that much better either.

Downtown during the middle of a work day is always so much fun. Everyone was out for lunch and the hotdog stands were doing well. I sat for a while in front of the library while I ate lunch. They were getting ready for some kind of festival. There always seem to have some kind of festival going on.

I was looking for a book, that I have checked out before, that shows how to make quick tie covers for chairs, but I couldn't find it. I did pick up several mysteries and another decorating book and browsed a couple of magazines.

It was in the 90s today and the ride home was warm but not bad. I went through the older neighborhoods between Stone and Oracle on the way home. These are just on the edge of run down and are already a bit shabby, but Tucson really has very few areas that are real slums. There's just too much room to spread out.

The paloverdes are still covered with gold. I don't remember them blooming for this long other years. They are gorgeous, especially some of the large, old ones. There were quite a few old trees and plants here. Many were a bit neglected and straggly but even they were nice. I like some shabby in plants. It reminds me that life sometimes still goes on even when it's not taken care of.

I spent a couple of hours trying to read mysteries but I couldn't get into them. I haven't been able to get into mysteries as much as I used to. I prefer non-fiction most of the time now. I always liked mysteries because they were so tidy. There was good and evil and the bad guy got caught. Now I have trouble getting into that. Maybe I've seen too often that the bad guy doesn't get caught.

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