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Tuesday, May 11, 1999

I just spent a couple of hours balancing all my bank accounts and credit card accounts and paying bills and getting all my finances in order. Damn, I hate doing that. Well, I was watching tv at the same time which is one reason I took so long, but I still hate it. It's nice to have enough to pay my bills, but it's still a lousy way to spend an evening. So much money that is just gone. It's so sad. A lot of it is paying off credit card bills that got a bit out of hand. Fine, a lot out of hand, but at least I'm doing ok now and I can pay them.

I always feel good once I've paid bills and if I put it off too long it's like there is this dread hanging over me. Too many years of knowing I don't have the money to pay them all. I just wish I had more left when I'm done paying them. Of course, if I didn't spend money on so much junk I wouldn't have that problem. I am grateful that I make enough to pay my bills.

I'm watching "Wildlife Emergency". I love this show. Right now they're examining a bobcat whose back legs are paralyzed from being hit. He nearly took a chunk out of a couple of them even so before they got him sedated. He's so cute, and so mean. I hate seeing animals hurt. I hate seeing people hurt but with animals, like babies and small children, you just can't explain what's wrong. You can't really tell them that everything will be ok.

I love animals so much I'd become a vegetarian only I keep trying and can't stick to it so now I just try to eat as few animal products as necessary. What I find hardest to give up is dairy products. Milk and eggs and cheese, especially cream cheese and omelets. I like steaks too but it's the dairy that really miss. I know you can be vegetarian and still eat dairy products but it seems to be cheating to me.

They're using acupuncture on the bobcat now since he hasn't responded to therapy. Poor baby! From what I've read there is reason to believe that acupuncture works to some extent but without all the ooey wooey stuff in which you have to think right thoughts or whatever. The acupuncture does seem to stimulate nerve function or something. I'm not totally sold on it but there are possibilities.

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