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Monday, May 10, 1999

I'm going back to writing my private journal in the mornings because I always want to say things that I just can't in a public journal. I do want to be more open than I am used to but I figure I'll just take it slowly. With the private journal I can rant and rave about things that I would be utterly embarrassed to say publicly. Things that I would not want others to know I think, even though other people probably have just as strange thoughts.

I am bored at work. I don't have enough to keep me really busy. I have a bit here and a bit there and I usually have something I can do but I feel like I have to truly look for something to do and it's not always all that necessary. I don't like being swamped but I hate to have to look for stuff to do. For at least part of the day I like to be able to do rote work as it relaxes my brain.

I even like filing at the end of the day. Sometimes you just need to do something repetitive to wind down for a while. I know some people use housework for that but I have more interesting things to do when I get home. Housework is something I do when I have to. I would love a sparking place with the magazines color coordinated with the curtains, but it ain't gonna happen.

I love homes that are all white (and shades of white) with just a splash of color. I would love that. I worked with one lady who finally had all her children grown and gone. She had her living room done over in white, carpets and all. It was great, but then, she said, the grandkids started coming and it wasn't like she was going to tell them they couldn't come over.

I don't know what it is about white decor that appeals to me. It could be the light. White rooms always seem to be full of light. Or it could just be that they are pure and clean and there is so little of that in the world today. It's like getting out of a shower and being so very, very clean and shiny. It feels so good but doesn't last long.

Speaking of showers, I never got into taking baths. First of all, I never feel really clean without rinsing off under a shower at the end, and secondly, I get real bored. I get the sense of "ok, been there, done that, now what". I have trouble just relaxing in a tub. It's not that comfortable and I keep sliding down and when I try to read my glasses fog up and the pages get water them. There must be a trick to it but I haven't figured it out.

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