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Sunday, May 9, 1999

I always feel so blessed on Mother's Day because I have two great children that I love so much and who love me and remember me. They both called today and wished me a Happy Mother's Day. It was so nice to talk to them.

I went to see my mother and wish her a Happy Mother's Day. She was asleep in her chair but I gave her a kiss and talked to her for a little bit anyway. She's still a sweetie and I'm so glad she's my mother.

I did a little running around today on my bike and thought it would get too hot, but even though it was in the 90s it wasn't too bad. You get a bit of wind on a bike and, about noon, the wind started to really blow. In fact, I had to really push to ride my bike against it. You could see a dulling of the sky from the fine dust that was blown up. The winds we've been having lately have really brought out my allergies.

I bought some bread and fruit and had a nice picnic in the park. I found this great bread called black bean and salsa. It tastes great and is hot. I spread some avocado on the bread and it was really great. The roses are in full bloom in the rose garden at Reid Park, but only about half of the garden has been replanted and they still don't let you go in. There weren't too many people at the park, which is unusual for Sunday.

I'm watching "America's Castles". It's so much fun to see people's excesses. Right now they are showing the house built by the Winchester heir, Sarah Winchester, who had married the founder's son. It's huge and she lived there alone, but thought that if she quit building she would be haunted by the spirits of those killed by the Winchester rifle. She was told by a mystic that was why her husband and infant child had died.

She kept tearing down and rebuilding the house ending up with a absurd mixture. She was most afraid of the indians killed with the rifles but had statues of them on the lawn. There are stairways that don't go anywhere and stairways with tiny 2 inch high steps. She not only built the house but lavishly furnished it. 160 rooms for one person. People's obsessions are so interesting, but what a waste.

I enjoy going through old houses, especially the victorian ones. They had a rather absurd vision of what a house should be. All that public rectitude contrasted with the fantastic exhuberance of their homes.

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