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Sunday, May 2, 1999

I had a very relaxing day today. Other than running (biking) up to the store once I stayed at home and read and worked on the computer and organized photos. I ran a few loads of clothes and cooked a chicken. Just little homebody stuff that I often plan to do later.

I caught up on a couple of forums and on a postcard exchange I'm on. I watched a lot of tv, mostly history and current events. Now it's getting toward evening and I'll be watching sitcoms. Basic pablum. Right now I'm watching Homes across America with these great houses that I will never own.

I do need to take a shower and get ready to go to work tomorrow. The bummer of Sunday evening. The weekend seems so long on Friday afternoon and so short on Sunday evening. Living from weekend to weekend. Sometimes it seems like the rest of the week is just filler which is so stupid. We have everyday to live, we should live it but too often it's just easier to come home and do nothing.

Wow, they're showing this house that an architect made into a loft. It was an old junky house and they gutted the inside and make it open like a loft. I love it. I like houses that are open and flowing. I just have a studio now but everything is basically in one room so I can just sit here like a spider in a den. They also had a party to gut the house and gave everyone hartd hats and sledgehammers. What fun! You can yell out who you really dislike and whomp the wall. Yes! It also has lots of windows which I don't have and really would like but you don't see many apartments with a whole wall of windows.

I'm trying to think of innovative things to do with my studio. I just have such little room and I like the white of the walls to show so it doesn't feel too dark. I love light and openness and airy, but with plenty of color. I also need more lamps so there is more light at night.

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