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Saturday, May 1, 1999

I went to Saturday Night Downtown tonight as the train depot was open with a model of the new intermodal transit center they hope to set up there. It was very interesting. They only use a small part of the depot now and it's only open a few hours each week since Amtrak only comes through three times each direction in a week and they only open up the station a couple hours ahead.

Most of the depot is is really bad shape. The old walls are covered with ugly wallpaper and cheap looking fake wood. There is still some old architectural details visible and some tile. I have no idea what's underneath. It would be nice to see it restored.

The plan looks very nice but it's the Depot Gateway Vision version. I don't know if or what type of plan the city has though I know they've talked about it. Tucson could have a very nice downtown. They already have a lot of things going for the downtown. They do need to get more people downtown other than on special events. Saturday Night Downtown does good but it is just a couple evenings a month. This is, of course, the problem of all downtowns.

There was also a dedication of the murals that line the underpass on Broadway going into downtown. They took old pictures and placed them on the walls of the underpass. They are black and white and really look good. They received hundreds and have put them in a book with interviews of the donor about the picture. I thought of getting the book but the line was very long. I'm sure it'll be available later.

It wasn't one of the busier nights for SND but on my way home I noticed several limos a realized that this is probably prom night for the highschools. They are so cute for their senior prom. College will be out in a couple weeks too and then our quiet period starts. The summer is when I enjoy SND because it's so nice to walk around in the dark after the blistering heat all day. Even in very hot weather it cools down quite a bit.

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