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Thursday, April 29, 1999

Started out on my bike this morning and I had to come back for a light sweater. It was still chilly, especially when the wind from the bike hits you. Everything looked so green, though, and there were flowers in all the yards. We've had a dry but very mild spring so with a little watering people have great flowers. I thought that since our winter was so mild we would have a hot spring, but we haven't so far. Only a few days in the 90s.

Coming home I rode into a very cool and stiff wind. Normally it's warmed up more than that by the time I get off work but I guess the wind has kept it cool. We could see the trees blowing from our office. I was surprised that we didn't have more dust blowing.

Glyphs, the Arizona Archeological and Historical Society newsletter, arrived today and I read it wanting to go to all the events. Two are on the same day, one in Tucson and one near Winslow. I can always go see the Presidio wall in Tucson so maybe I'll go to the open house in the Homolovi State Park and get in a long weekend. It would be nice to get up to higher country fro a few days in July.

Ok, I'm going to California in May and the Mt Lemmon volkswalk in June and, maybe, Homolovi in July. That's a good plan. I do need someplace to go for the 4th of July. Prescott would be fun but I expect it's already booked up and expensive. Where else is a good 4th of July? Someplace cool and I'll have only three days. I could stay in Tucson for July 4th but it gets a bit warm to do much. Flagstaff would be nice again. I enjoyed my visit there last year and there's much more that I would like to do.

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Biked - 8 miles

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