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Wednesday, April 28, 1999

The Vietnam Memorial is on the history channel. It is one of the most moving memorials that I've been to because it didn't glorify some general or admiral but the thousands of grunts that died, often without knowing why. History tells about the leaders which is fine because they make the policies or at least carry them out but history without the common folk is a little bloodless and fake.

It really irritates me when commentators or spokespersons start making snide remarks about how superior they are to the average person. According to them the average person doesn't really understand good art and certainly doesn't dress like the "in" group knows you should dress, and doesn't buy the right books, the books that the "people who know" buy. Well this average person that is so looked down on is the one that does the shit work in this country.

The unelite fight the wars and make the machinery, and keep it running, and clean the houses and take care of the kids of all these elite people who would die rather than do such common work. Often the best artists are not the ones that get shows in galleries but those who sell their pictures at street fairs. Often the person that best understands what a current event is about is not some presidential advisor but a history teacher who loves seeing the patterns in events.

The person that comforts kids in a halfway house for abused children is not a senator but someone who works all day and then puts in a couple hours comforting at night or a retired person who after raising their children, help care for those who don't have anyone to raise them.

The American revolution was not fought so that the people who consider themselves superior to the common herd could tell everyone else what to do but so the common herd would not have to bow to those who consider themselves the elite.

There is a true elite that has learned to be a master at their craft or deeply knowledgable of a field of study or leaders who have earned the respect of those who they lead with their ability. What I have been talking about are not those who are truly the best, but those who just think they are superior though they have never earned the right to call themselves that.

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