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Sunday, April 25, 1999

It was a beautiful day today. The palo verdes are blooming like crazy and leaving a layer of gold on the ground under them. It was in the 70s and a beautiful day for riding a bike. I didn't do anything special, just rode around town. Checked out a couple places I'd been meaning to get to and picked up a couple magazines at a used bookstore. I went by one of the hike club meeting points to see if there was a bike rack and enjoyed all the flowers blooming.

Well, except for the palo verde most of them were in watered areas since we've been so dry but they were still beautiful. The trees are all in full leaf and the green is so refreshing. While this is a desert town it has an amazing number of trees. When you look at Tucson from the mountains it's surprising to see how many trees there are. Most of them are desert trees which require little water but there are the inevitable palm trees which do require water. Why do you think they always grow around an oasis?

I started looking for a place to eat lunch. I wanted some veggies since I haven't been eating enough of them lately. I like vegetables, I just like other things better so I do have to push a little to get more vegetables. It is just appalling how few restaurants have a place to lock up a bike. Well, if they didn't want my patronage, then I just will go elsewhere. I found a bike rack at Boston Market. A little plug for a place with a bike rack, and good food, too.

It's getting more and more that if I can't find a convenient place to lock my bike, I don't go there. It is just a pain to have to lock it up across the huge parking lot or even to a tree or fence or whatever. Is a little old bike rack asking too much? Now some do have bike racks that are really pathetic. Basically you can lock your tire to them which means the bike is gone when you get out.

I read my new American Heritage magazine while eating. It is such a great magazine. I always find out things I never knew before. I enjoy history but many of the books are a little heavy. American Heritage is history lite but still good history. We don't always need an in depth survey with dozens of footnotes to learn something.

I'm also reading "Undaunted Courage" by Stephen Ambrose, which is about the Lewis and Clark expedition. I enjoy reading about the early european journeys across the americas, especially the emigrant travels to the west. I am always amazed by the discomforts that they put up with and the courage they faced the discomforts and dangers with. The women especially are amazing. They basically walked across half a continent wearing heavy, hot, uncomfortable clothing, while bearing and caring for children and often livestock. Just amazing people. I often wonder if I would do as well.

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