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Friday, April 23, 1999

The news is again talking about how the kids at Columbine High School knew those two kids who did the killing were acting weird, but didn't say anything. No one said anything. No one wanted to "tattle". What a bunch of crap. How often do we need to go through this before people realize that protecting criminals (which is what those kids are) is wrong. Other kids at the school knew they were planning something and didn't say anything because we have been told over and over that we shouldn't tattle.

This in no way excuses the killers. What they did was wrong and did they really think that people will feel sorry for them? I can remember being laughed at and thoroughly mortified but while I would have liked the people who hurt my feelings to be treated as the hateful people they were (yes there is still a bit of feelings even this many years later) but what good would killing them do?

I was not popular at highschool. I was was a dweeb, a nerd, a nonentity. I had the same lack of fashion sense then as I have now but then it mattered desperately. I had no money to get better clothes, and probably would not have been able to pick the right ones anyway, or wear them with the right attitude, which is half the battle. I had few friends and didn't belong to the right groups. I yearned to be part of the popular group while despising them at the same time. I learned how much being laughed at hurts.

But I never wanted to kill anyone because that was wrong. Grovel before me, maybe, but I would have wanted the jerks to die.

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