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Wednesday, April 21, 1999

It's already light when I walk to work in the morning at 6:00 AM. The sun is coming up soon after I start walking. I still wear a flannel shirt as it's a bit chilly. It's nice to walk in the daylight but it's already getting uncomfortable to walk home in the evening. We've been in the nineties this week.

My supervisor called and said she was four wheeling Monday night and they got stuck and didn't have a phone and are now unable to get back to Tucson until their car is fixed. Well, at least she's alive. How easily we get scared.

I've overdosed on Kosovo and Littleton, CO on the news and am watching Alan Alda on Scientific American Frontiers on PBS. He really is good at this. He always looks so interested about what's happening. I tried a couple sitcoms but they seemed not just trite, but really stupid. This episode of Scientific American Frontiers is about spiders and it is interesting.

I've always found science so much more interesting than junk science. Why do people want to come up with such wacko ideas like people from outer space building the pyramids, etc., when what really happened is much more interesting. Sure, anyone with "gravity rays" can lift blocks of granite, but when weak, soft humans move objects hundred of times heavier than they are, that is what is interesting. That people could think of a way to do this is the real miracle.

History and science. I love reading both of them but the lite version. I rarely get into the indepth but prefer the general public version. Well, a little harder than just the general public version but not the full blown scientific version. I like honest history and science not the cute stuff or the "well, it could be" or "wouldn't it be nice if it were this way". Speculation is fine but as an afterthought, not as the main subject of an article.

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