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Tuesday, April 20, 1999

I'm watching the news about the shootings in the school in Littleton, CO. So sad. Is this their way of getting attention? Why do they need the attention so much? This hits me harder than the war in Kosovo. 25 kids are dead in Colorado, hundreds have died in Kosovo, yet I feel this one so much more.

Now they're talking about gun control laws, but there were bombs also. How do they protect against bombs? If you want to kill that bad. If you are on a suicide mission, how are they going to be stopped? How can you identify kids like this? They were wearing trench coats. My son went through a trench coat period. So?

My supervisor didn't show up at work today and didn't call which is just not like her. Her boyfriend is getting crazy and she's been worried about him. She's afraid of what he could do to her or to their baby. We couldn't find her anywhere and her family couldn't find her. More violence?

I don't understand why people want to hurt other people. Am I weird? I hope not. I don't think so, but sometimes I wonder. They have swat teams going through the school. Through a school! One reason I am prolife is that I can't bear the idea of someone being killed, especially a child. This also why I thoroughly dislike people who bomb abortion clinics.

If you read much history you soon find out that we live in a society that has much less violence than most societies have had. What we have is violence for no reason against people who you may not even know very well, if at all. We have violence as an attention getter, as a way of feeling alive, as a way of being someone, as a self centered way of feeling better. Self centered because no one who cared about other people would do random violence like this.

We have violence as a self-help method.

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