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Monday, April 19, 1999

Lake Havasu City, AZ hit over 100 degrees yesterday and we are in the 90s for the next few days. Summer is coming. It wasn't summer at work but the hurry up that comes when you go back to work. I didn't have piles of stuff as much of what I do is more long term and can be either pushed or stretched. Another lady in our area was on vacation today and tomorrow so I got to do some jobs that I don't do very often, so I had to concentrate on them. That's hard on the first day back from vacation.

I finally set up the third new NT computer. We're are slowly replacing our old computers and we are now getting NTs. No one told us these were such a pain to set up. Finally the computer area got them working right with our programs. Supposedly this will give the computer area a better hold on security. In other words, we can't play around with our own computers. They have a real control problem. What's the point in having a computer if you can't play with it?

I'm watching an advertisement on "new corn pads". The lady puts one over this red, painful corn on her toe and then slips her feet into these very high heels. Lady, just get rid of the heels. Any guy who only wants you if you wear heels is a real heel. I personally don't wear anything that I can't walk at least a couple miles in comfortably.

My I sure slobbed up fast once my daughter had left. Haven't made the bed, or rather folded the blankets on the futon. I'm getting lazy about doing dishes already and have socks lying around everywhere. It's not that bad but my studio is so small and I have so much stuff that things left lying around are very obvious. I have this large desk for my computer that is close to the wall the murphy bed is on and directly faces the picture window. I no longer use the murphy bed as you have to leave the middle of the room free.

In front of the desk I have a couple milk cartons that I keep photos in, my television and a fan. Next my bike and, against the right wall, cat's food, water and litter box. Right against the window I have some wire shelves with plants and one shelf has a towel on it so cat can lie on it and look out the window. To the left of the desk on the wall that goes into the closet and bathroom is a tall bookcase with another plant. This is nearly half of my apartment.

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