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Tuesday, April 13, 1999

Walked - 5 miles

We went out to the Saguaro National Park today. It was cloudy and cold when we started and the wind stayed chilly but once we started walking and the sun came out it was very nice. We check out an old homestead and then walked the Cactus Trail which is a fairly level trail and is a relaxing walk through the cactus. We went out to the Lime Kilns and the Lime Falls. We rested there a while and walked back. A little lunch along the way and it was a relaxing day.

Everytime I go on a hike I resolve to start hiking with the hiking club again but I don't do it. Again I plan to start hiking with the hiking club. We'll see.

Everytime I go on a hike in national parks or forests I want to protect every bit of land possible, but when I come back home I know that's impossible. At least we can protect the land we have in parks and forests now, but even that will be difficult as everyone has a different view of what protection is.

I do feel lucky to live so close to so much nature and hiking. I will admit that I often wish I were in a non-desert area and could hike in greenery and babbling brooks and cool, dripping ferns. Other than Mt Lemmon in the middle of summer, a wet summer, there's not much of that around here. We can hike in the middle of winter, in shorts and tshirts, so I guess it's not all bad, and in the summer we can go up Mt Lemmon.

There were birds all around the table at the picnic area. We saw a little yellow and black bird and a brilliant red cardinal, gray doves and wrens. Joel was initiated into desert life when he brushed a cactus and got those tiny, so very irritating thorns in his leg. The sky turned a brilliant blue and the mountains were silouetted against it. We had that well done feeling at the end of the day and were ready to go home and have a good supper.

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