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Monday, April 12, 1999

Walked - 2 miles

I paid my bills today. That sounds banal but it always makes me feel good. For so many years I would put it off because I didn't want to know what I owed and how little, if any, I had left. The problem was that I always had this nagging worry about how much I could spend and I usually spent too much. Now that I pay my bills as soon as I get paid, I seem to have more money because I know how much I have to spend on other things and can plan better. I also don't have that niggling guilt and anxiety about it.

Lisa, Joel and I went to see my father. It was a very nice visit. We took some Chinese food and had a nice meal together. My father has rather strange eating habits. He eats so healthy, but he does like chinese, so that's what we took.

Dad then showed us around his yard where he has such a great collection of plants that he has planted himself. He often collects seeds he sees around town and then grows them himself. He has a nice palm tree that he grew from seed, even though that is suppose to be difficult if not impossible. All kinds of cactus, mesquite, willows, firs and other desert plants. He has a good attitude about it. If it grows, it grows. If not he tries something else. It's not manicured or planned but it is nice.

He showed Joel how he works on the Totonac dictionary. I think it's amazing that he can do all that. I hope I will be as alert at his age as he is. He is working on the computer much of the day with words that I can't even pronounce and always is trying to improve the dictionary, even though it's already been sent along to be edited for printing.

We walked around the center and saw where his dictionary is being edited and met a few people. He fits in so nicely here, though he does say that since he doesn't work in the offices he doesn't see people as much as he'd like. We then walked around the homes around the center and enjoyed the desert that they still have some of out there.

It was a nice visit and Joel and Dad seemed to like each other though it's very hard to tell from just a few hours. I know Lisa really loves her Grandpa and he loves her. I'm glad she could visit him again.

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