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Sunday, April 11, 1999

Walked - 4.5 miles

I had a good day today. First I started out going for a little walk and ended up across town. I walked for a ways and then saw a bus coming. Since the bus was going to Reid Park and I hadn't checked out the Rose Garden lately I jumped on the bus and rode down to the park. There is a Circle K across from the park so I got some coffee and a nice cheese danish. You used to be able to get cheese danish all over and now Circle K is one of the few places. All the coffeeshops have scones and foccaccia.

I was walking across the park and slipped in some mud where they had been watering. I had mud caked on my leggings. It was one of those so embarrassing slips where your arms are windmilling and you look like something out of a Stooges movie. Luckily my leggings were brown so I went into the bathroom, took them off and washed them. They were really clammy when I put them back on so I sat in the sun and ate my danish and drank the coffee. It was nice and sunny, fortunately.

Well, the rose garden had a few blooms but they still won't let you in. This used to be a place I went to several times in the spring as they had magnificent roses blooming for several weeks. A couple years ago they dug it all up. I mean they removed the soil for about two feet deep. I don't know for sure, but I think they were eradicating some kind of rose disease. Finally last year they put back the soil and now are putting back the plants. Hopefully by next year it will be back in force and we can walk through and smell the blooms.

There were some people setting up booths in the amphitheatre so something would be going on. This is a grassy area looking down on a stage. It's really nice and they have all kinds of events, most of them free. I went to the Peace Fair a few weeks ago there. I saw that the duck pond, which had been drained when I was here before was now filled. I considered going into the Zoo, but decided not too. I haven't checked out the new births this spring so I should go soon.

Well, since I was this far across town I decided to continue on to the Barnes and Nobles and look for an atlas. I walked up to Broadway. I was on the walk/bike path that goes around the golf course, though there were more skaters than anything else. Quite a few golfers were out looking serious about their game. I find golf rather funny, but I will admit that I have never played it. I've played miniature golf, at which I was not very good, but I don't think that really qualifies.

At B&N I checked out the books and magazines. Leafed through several that looked interesting. Relaxed in their nice armchairs and used their bathroom. I did find a small atlas that I can put in my backpack for traveling. I then checked out Target looking for a coffee cone. You know, a plastic cone that you put on a cup and put a filter in and then pour hot water through. These used to be everywhere and now I can't find them anywhere.

I walked down another mile and a half to Park Mall to see how the construction was coming. It does look like a war zone. The outside is torn up but the inside looks like a disaster area. It's suppose to be bigger and better with a cute little picnic area in time for the holdiay shopping this year. Ok.

Due to the contruction, the #34 bus was not coming into the mall, so I walked back to Craycroft and caught the bus home. An enjoyable meandering morning.

I spent the afternoon reading and playing on the computer. In the evening I went out to eat with Lisa and Joel. We had a good time and then came back to bore Joel with family pictures. This is required, you know. We do have some good ones so I enjoyed looking at them again also.

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