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Monday, April 5, 1999

Walked - 0 miles

I stayed home today because I was practically crawling on the floor. In fact I did go on my hands and knees once because of the spasm in my back. I took some muscle relaxant pills which knocked me out and I slept most of the day. They didn't hit me that hard the last time I took them, but it was nice to get all that rest. I still can't stand up straight, though.

I watched the news and felt a little guilty about staying home with a bad back when people are being driven from their homes and fleeing in desperation. Then I watched some documentaries about hurricanes where people are swept from their homes and have 2x4s driven through them and watch their loved ones drown. I've never had to go through something like that and feel a bit humbled.

I'm interested in western and pioneer history. The hardships that the pioneers went through are amazing, especially the women in their hot, confining skirts who had babies and buried children and sometimes husbands and just kept walking.

I have it so easy but because I have sick leave, I do take off for things that I would go to work with when I didn't have sick leave and couldn't afford to lose the pay. Well, I will admit that when my back is this bad I did take off. I take off with the flu when before I would just go to work and suffer. This meant everyone got sick but at least I got paid.

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