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Wednesday, March 31, 1999

Walked - 3 miles

I would like to write about work but every time I try it seems so banal even though I don't feel like I do the same thing each day. Ok, let's see. Still some angst today because we were told that we could not set up the new computers. Excuse me. Ok, so instead of getting them all up yesterday, it may be next week before they are all working. That would be ok if we had been told this before we unpacked them and set them up in the cubicles next to the old computers, which means that people are scrunched in there trying to work while our computer people get around to it.

Well, the reorganization committee, after a year of discussion, has finally decided on the new arrangement of cubicles in order to better accommodate the customer service desk. I have never worked in a place with so many committees. I think it's suppose to make us feel like we matter and we belong.

Our area is getting a few more calls about 1099s. The big rush is the end of January, first of February. The next big rush is starting now. Since I am the type of person who calls in January if I don't have my tax forms, the late calls amaze me. Occasionally we even get a call from a couple years ago. They finally realized that their records didn't agree with the 1099 they were sent in 1997?

Oh, new data entry screens. So much easier. Yes, except your fingers keep wanting to make the same number of tabs. You get this rhythm going, you see. Now everyone is wondering what they forgot since they're done so soon. It's rough learning to not work as hard.

I got this yummy curry chicken from the indochina restaurant just down the street. It's enough for two lunches, only I forgot that tomorrow we're going to have potluck. We will use anything as an excuse for a potluck. I believe this one is Easter and spring and whatever. We have them on Thursdays since half the office seems to leave by noon on Friday. No, we do not leave before we're suppose to. We work four nine hour days and then one day of four hours. Since this means we come in at 7:00 or 7:30, we can leave at 11:00 or 11:30 on Friday. Such a great way to start the weekend.

I also have angst about what to wear to work. I dislike dressing up, not because I don't like being dressed up, but because I enjoy being comfortable. Shoes are the real problem. If I can't walk at least a couple miles comfortably in a pair of shoes, I don't consider them worth wearing. It is hard to find dressy shoes that you can do that in. Well, that I can do that in, but then I have sensitive feet. What this means is that I have always worn comfortable shoes and now I just can't stand anything that isn't very comfy.

My feet are very nice looking, though, because they aren't misshappen or with corns or bunions. I just cringe when I see some women's feet that have the toes pushed into a point even when their shoes are off. The pain they must have gone through to have feet like this, and they did it to themselves. That is sad.

It's home again time. I suddenly noticed that it was 5:00. I rushed to close the programs and get my computer turned off as I have to leave right on time to catch the bus. Since I had about ten programs open, it was a bit of a rush and one wanted to run a query as it closed. So frustrating. I did make the bus, though. You can never be sure as this is a very long route and if they are held up a little down the route, you can get a couple extra minutes.

Till tomorrow.

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