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Saturday, March 27, 1999

I walked over to McDonalds for breakfast. The day dawned clear and just a little cool, but a great day for walking. That was about two and one half miles, so just enough to work up a good appetite. I don't go to McDonalds as much anymore as you can really rack up the calories, but I still think they make a great breakfast. It was nice to just relax over coffee and read a magazine.

Afterwards I stopped by Borders and the magazine I had been looking for was in. It was Skeptics and I really should subscribe as I not only read it but keep it each quarter when it comes out. I seem to look for a month before the next issue shows up as it always seems like such a long time since the last issue. I enjoy it as it is so refreshing after all the paranormal, alien abductions, junk science and horoscopes we seem to be inundated with.

I don't argue with the idea that often new ideas as dismissed out of hand, but that doesn't mean we need to believe everything that comes along. Science does have a fairly good track record of finally accepting new ideas, after they have been proved, even though they are often laughted at in the beginning. I don't like the idea that I should believe something just because someone says it worked for them. That is not good proof.

I took the bus downtown and then walked over to 4th Avenue to look for shorts in the used clothing stores. I found a couple and a nice tshirt, all for under $6.00. How about that! I stopped at the food coop and picked up a couple loaves of bread on sale. I like to get their sale bread as it is still very good and good bread is expensive. I used to buy a lot more there but found it a little expensive and a little inconvenient. I now prefer to buy as much as a I can in regular supermarkets, on the theory that if people buy good food there, they will stock it. The supermarkets are carrying quite a good line of unusual foods that they didn't used to.

I then walked over to Euclid to catch the bus back home and just missed it. I had nearly an hour so I stopped at a coffee shop and had foccacio and coffee and a good read. I enjoy reading in coffee shops. At home I almost have at the back of my mind something else that needs to be done.

Back home and then I walked over to the library. It is so nice to have one next door. A couple books that I had requested were in. It's great that I can request a book and, unless it's checked out, I'll usually have it within a few days.

Back home to read and play on the computer. It's been a good day.

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