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Thursday, March 25, 1999

Too many pictures, so little time! I've been scanning like crazy and it seems that I can't even pull even with the pictures I have. The more I scan, the more I take. I have learned to be a little more discriminatory and scan only the pictures I want to put on the web and not every crummy shot.

I never was much for taking pictures as I've always found most photo albums to be dust gatherers, and while very interesting, they tend to get shoved aside. I won't even get into the shoeboxes full of pictures, which is where mine always ended up.

I like putting them on the web, though. Even if few people look at them, I know they are there and I can just mention them to people who might be interested and not feel like I'm pushing them to see them. Besides, it's just nice to have them out where everyone can see them.

I have a tendency now to think, oh, that would make a nice webpage. I need to get a few dozen pictures of that subject, and I do, only now I feel overwhelmed with pictures to scan, not to mention that formating them in a webpage takes a bit of time also. Then, since this is my obsessive weak point, I make lists. Even my lists are falling behind.

Oh, well. It's a hard life but someone has to do it. Besides, I don't have a very new computer, so when I scan, I can only scan, and it's not very fast. This is when I clean house, since I can't get on the internet. The scanning is slow but it's still too much of an interruption to really get into a book.

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