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Tuesday, March 23, 1999

It has been so sad today to listen to the news and realize that we might be at war again. They can talk all they want about a police action and that it's a NATO operation, but basically Americans will be fighting in Serbia, and some will probably die. I am so glad that there isn't a draft anymore and that my son is married and educated and 27 years old. There have been so many fights in just the last 10-15 years and so little has been accomplished.

I'm already getting war overload. When you got the news once a day, probably a day or two late, in the newspaper, there wasn't this problem. The Serbians are murdering ethnic Albanians and I know that is wrong and needs to be stopped, but I feel like this is just gesturing, with American lives, to look good. There are plenty of other places that have committed/are committing atrocities just as bad, if not more, that we have done nothing about. Then there are places where women are being stoned for basically being women, and we have done nothing. China has atrocious human rights, and we have basically done nothing but say "Gee, that's not nice!".

I agree that we do need to take a stand against genocide and torture and murder, but too often it feels like we are trying to stop the tide from coming in. I just do not understand why people want to hurt other people. Why people want to enslave other people. Why people want to kill and destroy other people. I can't even think of anyone that I hate. There are people I dislike and people that I want nothing to do with, but I don't hate them. I sometimes wonder if I'm missing a basic human emotion.

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